About us

The mission of Website Checker Free

Website Checker Free is a project, aimed at helping business owners and webmasters alike achieve their online goals. With the help of Website Checker Free, you can improve your website and gain score in the eyes of Google and your customers at the same time.

The team behind Website Checker Free

The Website Checker Free team has over 21 years of experience in the field of Website Development and Search Engine Optimisation. Their vast knowledge has helped them create one of the most comprehensive and detailed online tools for website analysis. The best part? You can use the wellspring of their knowledge to conquer the first page of Google without spending a single penny.


The three key features of Website Checker Free

The Website Checker Free Domain Ownership Tool

With the help of this tool you can quickly get a hold of all the registration information about a given domain. Ever wondered how old the domain of your competitor was? Where it was registered at? No more will you need to ask yourself these questions. Simply write the desired URL in our search box and you will have all this information at your fingertips! With Website Checker Free you can quickly and painlessly do all the domain information research you want!

The Website Checker Free Website Analysis Tool

This is our most detailed tool. Our team takes pride upon the long list of comprehensive checks and tests, which the Website Analysis Tool can perform for you. This section contains over 30 different tests, connected directly and indirectly to how much Google likes your website. The more of these checks your website can pass with a good score, the more likely is Google to give you the spotlight of the front page. Herein lies the beauty of Website Checker Free – our team gives all the information to you at no cost. What you do with it is up to you. With us, the sky is the limit!

The Website Checker Free Social Activity Tool

Finally, Website Checker Free offers you a way to measure your business presence around the social networks. Again the same principles apply as in the previous categories. The higher your scores, the more will search engines approve of your website. However, Social Networks are more about the visitors and their engagement than about Google. With the help of Website Checker Free you can learn how to use the social networks to your advantage and conquer the hearts of your clients on your way to the front page of Google.