Social Activity

The social networks are an integral part of modern day society. Everyone is on them and so should your business! The more Social Activity, related to your business there is, the more Google likes you. Furthermore, Social Activity allows you to create better brand awareness and expand your customer base effortlessly.

Why is Social Activity important for Google?

Search engines are designed with the idea of improving user experience. In the perfect scenario for Google every user will be able to find the best possible information on his topic of interest within a single click. What does this have to do with Social Activity? The more your website appears in discussions about your contextual topics, the more relevant it seems to Google. Therefore, being more popular on the social networks can greatly improve your positions on Google.

Why is Social Activity important for my visitors?

Social Activity is not only important for your positions on Google. Properly advertising your business on the social networks can also greatly increase your visitor count. The more popular you are there, the more people you can engage with your brand. And once people take a liking to your product, they will do the advertising for you. This is known as the viral effect of Social Activity. If someone really likes your post, they will like or share it and this will immediately bring it to the attention of their contacts.