Website Checker Free allows you to run your website through a comprehensive list of performance and optimisation tests. Our aim is to help you create and maintain the website that your business needs. Website Checker Free offers three main services to its users: A Domain Information check, an in-depth Website Analysis and a Social Activity report.

Domain Information

With the help of our Domain information tool, you can learn everything about a given domain. Who, where and when registered it, what country is used in the registration details and the domain age. By making good use of this part of Website Checker Free you can get a higher position on Google much easier.

Website Analysis

This part of Website Checker free is completely dedicated to your website performance, featuring numerous search engine optimisation tests. Using it, you can not only reach the desired search results position on Google much easier but also gain clients in the process.

Social Activity

Social networks can be a great addition to your business arsenal. Being popular on the various networks does not only make your website appear more impressive to Google (thus earing you search result positions) but more importantly, impresses your clients. Furthermore, good social presence is amazing for your brand. By creating a strong, dedicated following on some of the networks you are getting your customers to advertise your business for you.